Singapore Office 

Our team based in Singapore is formed solely to focus on product design and to give clients nothing but the newest and trendiest design and design solutions in the fashion industry. 

We are team of professional in-house fashion designers who are committed to create and transform art into fashion apparels, binding style and comfort together.

In order to meet the global market demand in the fashion industry, we have assembled a team of marketing and sales professionals to ensure reliable, efficient and effective business relations.

    China Facilities 

    Once the designs are conceptualized, Fiema International will transfer them to our facilities in Guangzhou, China, where each step of production will be handled in-house.

    Our entire cutting, scoring, and laminating process is performed with precision and quality standards control to guarantee product excellence and utmost client satisfaction. The fact that Fiema International Pte Ltd has been a trusted partner of many fashion suppliers and retailers from Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong, and Taiwan for many years is due to this very reason.

      Pattern Printing
      Fabric Inspection
      Textile Cutting
      Production Workshop
      Printing & Embroidery
      Garment Pressing