Fashion Design

Fashion Design and Brand Manufacturing

As a fashion brand manufacturer, our dedicated team of fashion designers is continuously assessing and analyzing the latest fashion trends. We recognize the significance of collaborating with your team to bring your concepts to fruition. Whether you possess a sketch or an inspiring sample, we appreciate the opportunity to work alongside you.


To ensure the triumph of your product, our team conducts meticulous research encompassing demographics, trends, and market analysis, while considering your brand position. By following this comprehensive process, we assure you that your company’s products will not only cater to consumer needs but will also harmonize with your brand’s positioning and identity.


Upon your approval of the design concept, our team, functioning as a fashion brand manufacturer, will proceed to transform your ideas into a set of tech packs. This facilitates the shift from a design on paper to an actualized sample, which can then be manufactured for you.

Our fashion services include: 

  • Colour & Trend Forecasting
  • Concept Development
  • Garment Design Sketches
Colour & Trend Forecasting
Concept Development
Garment Design Sketches