6 Tips on Choosing Clothing Manufacturer

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Understanding your Business

Starting a new fashion brand or expanding your fashion line? Selecting the right garment factory for your business is crucial to ensure smooth and fuss-free production process. To understand the manufactures suitable, companies should adopt a comprehensive approach including: pricing, quality, ethical standards, reputation, and locality. These key elements help you develop your brand identity and become a critical element to grow your clothing line. With the wide range of clothing manufactures globally, it is vital to select the most suitable partner to help you grow your fashion brand.

Understanding The Production Process

The production process starts with finalizing the design, sourcing for materials, and ends with delivering the products to your doorstep. As different clients have different needs, clothing manufactures should be able to customize the production process to meet your needs. Read more and find out how we can customize to suit your needs. 

Before engaging a manufacturer, fashion brands should determine the purpose of engaging the manufacturer – selecting a new manufacturing company or diversifying the production process. In addition, fashion brands should have a clear vision of their requirements – clothing, label, tagging, etc.  You would need to find a manufacturer that can fulfil your requirements and be flexible when you have changes in production needs.

What are the minimum order quantities (MOQs)

Minimum order quantity is an essential aspect to consider when choosing your apparel manufacturer. The MOQ will affect your cost of production, stock availability, and storage concerns. When deciding on the manufactures, it is important to establish the quantities required and communicate this promptly with your suppliers. 

What are their specialities?

One key determinant in choosing an apparel manufacturer is to understand their technical skills and if they can deliver the product required. Fashion industry is widely diverse and different manufacturers may specialize in different clothing types. Knowing the key competence of your manufacturer ensure high quality products and fuss-free production process.

To better understand the manufacturers’ speciality, research is highly essential. Fashion brands should conduct research on the manufacturers’ production portfolio and request for samples. Through the samples, you will understand if the clothing manufacturer understands your requirement and deliver the required products. Talk to us! Fill up the Contact Us Form and find out more!

Supporting future growth

As your clothing brand grow, you need an apparel manufacturer who can meet the growing demand of your production needs. Understanding the maximum production capabilities of the manufacturers is equally important. As your clothing brand grows, you would need an apparel manufacturer who can support the growing demand of your production needs with quality assurance. 

Quality Control Tips

Quality control is significantly important for every fashion line and when selecting a manufacturer, one should ensure the manufacturers can produce quality clothing. Below are some tips and factors to look out for when ensuring high quality product: 

  1. Stitching – check for any uneven stitches or jagged 
  2. Embroidery or embellishment – ensure attachments are secured without the risk of coming off
  3. Sleeves – check sleeves are to scale and even on both sides
  4. Inside seams – ensure the seams are evenly secured and stitched with high quality

At Fiema International, we value quality, and we have internal quality assurance team to ensure consistent quality.