5 Tips to Launch A Clothing Line

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Starting a business is never easy – let alone a business in the fast-moving consumer goods industry. However, with the rise of e-commerce and online marketing, it is highly possible to turn a brand that began as a small online store into a well-known clothing brand. Here are five steps to starting your clothing line!

Step 1 – Market research

Market research is highly crucial in understanding the industry. Firstly, business owners should identify the needs within the market before the development of a business plan. The successful clothing line is constantly innovating and creating designs that cater to the demand. Next, one should research the suppliers for materials that go into the clothing, and manufacturers to engage to produce their clothing. A suitable clothing manufacturer is key support for your clothing brand. Read more about Choosing Your Manufacturer 

Step 2 – Develop a business plan

Building a business plan guides your clothing brand growth.  It is crucial to identify your target audience and the clothing design style. Upon confirming the target audience, start designing. Presumably, this is your forte, and so this is your chance to creatively shine. The first collection you release to the market will say a great deal about you as a designer, so make sure you are crafting something that sells your brand.  At the same time, think practically. Whatever your design can be produced cost-effectively.

Step 3 – Making business decisions

Supporting the development and production of your design, selecting the suppliers and manufacturers are crucial in determining your success. Request for samples from multiple manufacturers and compare the price and quality to find our optimal fit. 

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Secondly, you need to decide on a price point for your products. This step is closely linked to an understanding of your target audience. Price points selected have to cover your production cost but at the same time does not alienate your target customers.

Lastly, setting realistic sales and distribution goals. Are you planning to open a brick and motor store or e-commerce? Different business models have different logistics requirements and do not be afraid of partnering with a business professional to embark on this step.

Step 4 – Pre-launch 

After starting your production, being the marketing process. At this point, your new business needs brand awareness. Social media has become a popular platform for this, and many influencers are happy to promote new fashion brands in exchange for products.

In addition, before the official opening of your business, you can start a soft launch. The soft launch provides you with a great opportunity to look for investors and partnerships. Partnering with investors allows you to gain access to capital and scale up production for the hard launch.

Step 5 – Sustaining your business

Now that you have launched your clothing line, the next steps are to grow and develop the business. With the seasonality of clothing and changing demands of consumers, there is a need to continuously engage in market research, product design, and branding. One big trend in 2022 is sustainability fashion, consumers are demanding clothing lines to use sustainable fabrics and engage in sustainable sourcing. Read more about how we can help you with sustainable sourcing.

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